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About The Artist

Creativity has always been a constant preoccupation for Daniele Gabriel. She was consistently surrounded with art works made by family members who each had their own unique style of creativity through their chosen medium. Inspired by their wide range of art styles, she then decided to pursue an art career. She received her AA degree in Art and Art Education from Miami Dade College. From there, she transferred to the University of Miami and received her bachelor’s degree in fine art with a minor in art history and graphic design. After receiving her master’s degree in painting, printmaking, and digital media from the University of Miami’s Art Department, she joined the faculty as a studio instructor for 2D & digital art courses. She also teaches cinema and art appreciation at Miami Dade College. 

She has also received numerous art awards and has had her work featured in galleries such as the Wynwood Building, Lowe Art Museum, the Smithsonian, and Art Basel. She also contributes her skills as an illustrator for Duo Tales Studio.

Bio & CV: Bio


Bio & CV: CV

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